Hello pupils of 5th grade,

These are the videos you prepared performing a dialogue in a restaurant. (in each video there are different groups acting).

You did an excellent work! CONGRATULATIONS! ENJOY THE VIDEOS!

At the restaurant 1 5è B:
     a) Laia, Maria and Marc
     b) Luay, Eric and Llorenç
     c) Hèctor, Julio, Arnau and Zakaria

At the restaurant 2 5è B:
   a) Lúa, Aroa and Núria
   b) Naelé, Paulina and Núria
   c) Hala, Adam and Alejandro
   d) Naia and Erik

At the restaurant 1 5th A:
   a) Javi and Akram
   b) Ainoa, Àfrica and Leire
   c) Uriel, Lucas and Hugo

At the restaurant 2 5th B:
   a) Abril, Maria and Berta
   b) Marc and Luca
   c) Laia, Martina and Pol

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