2020 Fashion Trends

Hello kittens! So I'm finally bringing you the Fashion post about this new year's trends! Or at least what I think will be super trendy, from my point of view. 2020 is bringing lots of changes!

Cardigans are back! Big winter sweaters and long cardigans will be taking all over the place. Specially in neutral tones, the nuedes and whites, grays and black shades are always a great option to match with the rest of our wardroves. 

We have to take a moment to talk about the style that has dominated the market during last 2019: small bags. But not regular small size bags, but ridiculus and useless mini bags. I did not like this trend at all, basicly beacuse I don't fall for a trend that's uncomfortable; a bag that can fit nothing else but a dime is not a bag for me! I know they can look very cute, but for me they just look like they were meant for dolls.  
Big bags will be appearing more often, and luckily taking control over small bags. Tote style, the classic shopper bag and jumbo sizes will be on trend, and of course, useful. 

All right... so this can turn out as ugly or manrepelling at first sight... but the more you stare at it, the better it looks! Bottega has realised some game changing  shoes over the last year. And this 2020 we will be able to see the influence of the designer within streetstyle fashion, since retaileers like Zara have already realiesed their own "inspired versions". You might see me wearing a pair of these... even though I have to confess I said I would never wear them when I first saw them. How many times have I said that ...

Headbands came to stay! They have been around for a long time, but this last year 2019 they have strongly influenced our looks and every single brand has come out with theis own designs. Miu Miu and Prada re-introduced the 90's trend and I couldn't be more happy to approach a Blair Waldorf style! 
I have to be honest and say that at the beggining I didn't want to jump in the waggon, so I didn't not fall for the trend. But this year I'm afraid it will be different since I have already stocked myself with a couple. 
Big hats are taking all over the place too! Winter time is great to show as many hats/barets/caps as you have, and for now the biggest, the better. 

Chunky boots, big boots, long boots... they have always been a staple piece in our wardroves. So if you haven't had the chance to get a pair, now it's the time! There are so many new versions, sizes, prints... I bet you will fin your perfect ones. 

A piece of jewelrey can elevate your look from basic to amazing! Vintage earrings are so coveted nowadays, even Zara and Asos offer their renovated style to 
these classy, romantic and Renaissence pieces. Big earrings as the star of the look. I think this trend may led to bring back the old days when big chunky necklaces were so on trend. Honestley, I can't wait for that trend to come back since I'm an accessories kindda girl. Who said less is more? 

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