New Year's Party!

The girls are all dressed up in their finest. (This year, I let everybody choose their own dress!) And just before the annual Black Tie ball downstairs in the living room high atop the piano, they decided to make a trip to the photo booth. Here are a few of the standouts...

But mind you...that party is pretty popular. There is limited space, so some of my dolls are obliged to spend the evening upstairs with me. But don't you think that has ever stopped them. HA! 

Word on the street is that all my dolls (except the playline Barbies in the guest room) are at THAT party!!! That had me wondering. How do my dolls make it off my dresser, down the stairs and up on top of the piano!!!! So this year, I planted hidden cameras to see just what happens after I close my eyes for the night!!!....... The results are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!!!

 Never knew my dolls were so athletic!
 And look! They're doing this in heels and gowns!!!
 Oh my. Oh my!!!

 One of the ringleaders???!!!
 OMG! LOOK! They've made it across the living room all the way to the piano!!!

 Ouf!!! They finally made it and are taking their places!!!

Ready set, PARTY!!!!!


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