Back At You!

Hi everybody. After a short hiatus, we are back! While we were in Paris, me and the girls visited with friends and took in the sights of the city. It has been awhile since there has been any fashion exhibition of importance so we were overjoyed at discovering the show, "Back Side: Fashion From Behind" which took place at Musee Bourdelle, a museum featuring the works of sculpteur Antoine Bourdelle (whose works are featured in some of the backgrounds). Generally speaking, there is the tendency to zero in primarily on the front of garments without thinking too much about the other side. In this, a rather unique exhibition, the focus is on garments where the fashion statement is all about the action in the back!

Here, the girls take you on a tour.

The idea of putting the "design" in the back of the dress means the front is most likely going to be fairly simple. In a future post, we'd like to explore this concept more!

Oh...we're not finished yet. It's Christmas in the city and Paris is all lit up! We've got lots more photos to show and we'll do this just before the holidays!

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