Disneyland Paris !

Hello kittens! Today I bring you the continuation to the last post where I told you about spending my Birthday in Paris. The next day we headed to Disneyland Paris! It was my first time ever going to Disney and I enjoyed it like a little girl. I wanted to go for a long time and I finally made it to the magical place!

We decided to go in a Monday, because we thought it would not be as crowded as a weekend but... it was indeed so crowded! We could not believe how much people there were, and mostly Spanish tourists like us. We went by car and this is how the entrace looked: can it be more cute? 
It was  the best option for us to go by car, the parking price was 30€ for the hole day. The train tickets were around 15€ (round trip) for each one. 

We went super early to try to spend as much time as we could! The park opened at 10 a.m., and we were there before 9.30 a.m. From the car parking to the actuall park there's a good walk so... and it was so cold! My hands and nose were freezing during the morning. But the Sun came through around noon. 

Everything looked super cute and adorable! It was full of colours and beautiful parks, little minnies and mickeys all over the place, and you could see the princesses around! We got to see Cinderella running around. 

One of the places that I like the most wat the area inspired by the movie 'Coco', it was super beautiful, colourful and thee statues were stunning. 

I also loved this statue of Nala & Simba made out of sheets! 

You could find me at the Curius Labyrinth of 'Alice in Wonderland'. It was so cute and so much fun.

I got to pick some pins too! They were categorized by colours, each colour was a different price. Green was the cheapest (7€) and I got two of them to keep as a souvenir. 

Here I leave you some pics of my expirience in Disneyland! 

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