My Birthday in Paris

Hello kittens! So I'm finally going to write about the Road Trip I did during the last month of September!! First stop: Paris, France. One of my favourite cities of the wordl, and definetely a top of Europe. This is the third year in a row that I go visit this city, and I can't never have enough. It's so beautiful and romantic, I could spend hours staring at its wonderful buildings and incredible constructions. 

I was so lucky to be able to spend the day if of my Birthday (September 8th) in Paris! In front of the imponent Eiffel Tower.

It was super crowded by tourists, full of people everywhere. But we were actually quite lucky beacause it was sunny all day long and we had an amazing great weather.
I got to spend a few hours in the sourranding of the Eiffel Tower, and around de Siena River. Unfortunately I only got to spend 1 day in the city, but Paris did not end right there... The following day we went to Disneyland Paris! OMG! I will be telling you about it in the next post! 

Here are some pics that I took while we were walking around 

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