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Hello kittens! Today I want to share with you some of the beautiful Posters and Frames from Poster Store that have just arrived, and that I'm loving so much! 
They look so good quality and exactly as the pictures. I found myself mesmerized staring at the prints, the details are so gorgeous and the colours so vivid. These are such a great idea for a gift too! Beautiful Trendy Posters, and they have a lot of different one to choose from. 

Holii! Hoy quiero compartir con vosotros estos preciosos Pósters y Marcos de Poster Store, me acaban de llegar y ¡me encantan!
Los cuadros son de muy buena calidad, exactamente iguales que en la web. Tienen muchísimos detalles y colores vibrantes. Me parece que son una idea estupenda para hacer un regalo genial, ya sea para otra persona, o para uno mismo. Tienen una gran variedad de pósters entre los que poder elegir, muchos diferentes pero todos en hermosos pósters en tendencia.

This is how I have decided to style my Posters to start the creation of my Inspiration Wall! It's been years since I have decided that I would like to have an entire whole wall full of pictures that inspires and motivates me every day, things that remind me of beautiful places and moments. That's the reason why I choose to pick up these prints: 

This is me in my new galerry! In my bedroom where I have decided to hang the pictures. I think that they look so nice in this way, and leaves me extra space to keep adding new ones in the future.

He decidido colocar los posters en mi habitación, para ir creando una "pared de inspiración", que espero ir formando con el tiempo. 



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