There was an interesting experiment that was done by a psychologist by the name of Paul Morris.   the experiment was to test what heels do for a woman's attractiveness. The reason I found this experiment so interesting is that a lot of women think that men are attracted to women because the woman is already sexy or extremely good looking.  This experiment proves it is not only how the woman looks physically that attracts the male to her.  Now, I am not saying that that fact does not help, but there was other interesting things that were found out in the experiment.

What they did is that they had females walking in flats and the same female walk in high heels.  What they needed to do is to take out the factor of attractiveness, weight, age, height, ect. and then they placed glow in the dark markers at the same points on each of the women's bodies.  Then what they did was have each woman walk on a treadmill in complete darkness.

The only thing that anybody could observe was the glow in the dark dots that were placed on their bodies.  One of the times that they walked they wore flats and then they had the walk in 2 and 1/2 inch heels.  These were not stilettos, these were simply two and one half inch high heels.  Remember that the observers could not see the women.  They did not know how old they were.  

They could not see how heavy they were.  Also they did not know what they look like. The only thing that they could observe is the way their body moved when they walked.  What was observed is how a woman's body moves when walking in high heels and then when walking in flats.  The difference was the change in their gait.  

They strut and they appear more powerful.  In this study, when the same women wore high heals, the people who observed the study found the women who wore the high heels more attractive, self confident and powerful, no matter how else they physically looked.

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