Dolls' Eye View: MIlan Spring Trends '19

FINALLY!!!! Beautiful, elegant, pretty clothes to wear! Italy is where my girls found happiness.... Oh yes, like New York and London, there was a circus here, but there were also lots of gorgeous dresses that appealed to all my vinyl fashionistas from the youngest of Barbies to my most sophisticated Fashion Royalty divas. These are pretty little fashions that make a big splash for Spring Summer. Clothes that are both flattering as well as a pleasure to wear!

Baby Love
Itty-bitty, frilly, girly Barbie doll dresses..a flashback to the early 1960's!!! These are dainty little frocks cut in silhouettes that float over the figure, sometimes playing peak-a-boo from under layers of filmy, transparent fabrics. Making a big statement---tent dresses cut in super short lengths.
Kimora was right there at the front of the line when she say me cutting out this dress. This is three layers of micro pleated chiffon--two asymmetrical, tents over a mini-shift dress. The original dress has lacy short-shorts underneath. We loved the lace but decided to bring it front and center on layers two and three.

Art Atelier
This group brought back memories from the 1980's when European designers produced clothes that were both wearable and fun! The silhouettes are pretty simple. It's the topical design that gives it the edge. We thought it was really rather fun to start with a "blank canvas,"a white garment in this case and then make bold squiggles to produce a 3-D garment that looks all together like a 2-D sketch brought alive!

Culture of Coats

Whether a true piece of outerwear or a dress that resembles one....the coat and coat dress both make a grand entrance for early spring. The silhouettes are pretty simple. (Our basic coat pattern works for producing most of these looks.) Have fun with the fabric.

Chocolate Caramel Frappuccino
When I think of brown, I think of autumn. But these milk chocolate, toffee, caramel tones, these looks become a delicious alternative to the usual Easter bonbon colors. And yes, the color is the main theme here, whether we're talking about corset dresses or sarongs--leather or chiffon. 

I'm not sure why Ermanno Scervino put thigh high boots on a cool and classy summer chiffon dress. Estelle opted for high heel pumps instead. Her dress started with a strapless foundation, over which I added ripped strips of mocha chiffon to the top and four layers of ruffled ripped chiffon to the waist. The ripped edges almost resembles feathers!
Bea reminded me there are still lots of Barbies in the house and I must continue to dress them as well. I did love the toffee toned leather dresses featured in the group, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get my hands on the right color in time to complete this post. So.....I experimented with a technique "DIY transform fabric into leather." You paint layers of acrylic on fabric to simulate a leather look. Honestly, it really doesn't look like any leather or faux leather I've ever seen. But for the purposes of this's not bad. After the girls are finished with their Paris report, I'll show you how it's done!

Spring Neutrality
For spring we can see any of these looks strolling downtown. The silhouettes are pretty classic, but what makes this group appealing are the tender, neutral color palette. Noteworthy here...skirts in longer (more graceful) lengths! While you are out buying fabric....choose those with a soft touch or..with a sheen!

Fringe Benefits
We LOVE dresses that shimmy, shake, rock & roll! There is all sorts of fun things happening here from the Tod's leather coat dress quivering with tiny fringe to Byblos long, shaggy party dresses to Moschino's "pins and needles" gown.. The message here....stay on the move and have fun doing it!

Anna--my very edgy FR Kyori doll-- could not resist! When we inspected the Moschino gown up close, we noticed the fringe was, in fact, rows of needles! Well, there are no 1/6 scale dolly needles that I know of, so we! Anna's dress started out as a basic sheath. I cut small strips the overall parameter of the dress and started stapling! I recorded the steps as I progress and will share it with you very soon!

Brunch at Tiffany's
Reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn's and the iconic fashions of her early 1960s films, this group has all of the elegance of fashion past. What the girls like best: one-shouldered wonders in black and neutrals, bubble dresses and free flowing tents with deep flounces. This is pretty woman in all the right places.

Elegant, classy, this is right up Dorian's alley! I made this dress in two parts for her out of black crepe. The top is a simple one-shouldered top with a small sash added at the shoulder. The skirt is a slightly high waist pencil skirt.

Sex & the Single Girl
The girls really love these looks because they are sexy enough to turn heads, but classy enough to be taken seriously. Important here: body skimming silhouettes, both long and short, figure fitting jerseys and fabrics like satin and leather with plenty of sheen.
I surprised myself as to how easy it was to make this dress for Radiah. This is a simple stretch jersey dress with sleeves with a super deep front neckline and a bra top of the same fabric worn underneath.
How did I make spaghetti straps---I used embroidery yarn!

Tutti Frutti
Here's a novel idea. Instead of the traditional black eveningwear, why not opt for something juicy and bright. Whether its frilly little dresses in tea length and formal or satin pajamas...the news here is color in bright, sweet tones like cherry, grape, watermelon.

The girls aren't finished yet. There's one more fashion capital to explore. Last stop...PARIS!

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