It is a proven fact through various controlled experiments done by French researchers that high heels are attractive to men and men respond to women in high heels quicker than women wearing flats.

What is the reason for this proven fact.  Researchers have come to several conclusions as to why this is true.

High heels tend to cause women's breasts to look larger.  The reason they say this is they say that when standing in high heels, it causes the  woman to arch her back thus trusting her breasts forward making the stand out more.  There have been studies shown that men are attracted to women with larger breasts more then the are attracted to women with smaller breasts.  This is actually good news for women.  Now you do not have to go for those expensive, and sometimes painful implants.  Just buy a pair of high heels.

Also a woman's buttocks appear to look larger which is attractive to a male.  This is caused by the high heels raising or lifting the buttocks up.  When a woman stands in profile putting weight on her one leg, she tends to flex that buttock muscle, accentuating the that buttock cheek.

When walking in heels a woman's hips tend to sway more.  This is because high heels tend to shorten a woman's gait.  

Another reason is that high heels make women's feet look smaller and more petite.  As men evolved, they tended to evolve larger than a female.  When looking for someone for a mate, normally of the opposite sex they tend to be more attracted to a woman who is smaller than he is.  High heels make a woman's feet to appear more petite, making the entire woman more desirable.

Single women spend a lot of money to make themselves look more attractive and thus more desirable to men.  Most all women want to make themselves look attractive for many reasons, discussed in other posts in this blog.  And as most men will agree, there is nothing more pleasing to the eye than an attractive woman.

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