Paris Christmas Windows '17

Avenue Montaigne, Paris' high fashion neighborhood
It's that time of year again. A time when the stores of Paris show off their creative best with whimsical Christmas windows and streets lined with twinkling lights. This year's editions took us back to simpler times when Santa Claus and his elves were busy delivering gifts for good little girls and boys. And though dolls were not the focus this December, we still thought we'd share a bit of Christmastime in the City of Lights.

Galeries Lafayette
The center of the universe at this department store is, of course, a gigantic Christmas tree. This year chocked with colorful balloons and inflatable toys!!!
This year's theme is "Spectacular, Spectacular."

Printemps Department Store
This year's windows takes its visitors on an enchanting journey through the animated figures' magical voyages via air, road.

For this year's windows, the department store teamed up with the Danish consulate for a "Danish Christmas."

Georges Larnicol
And though it has little to do with Christmas specifically, we couldn't help but share these tasty window displays!
 Eiffel Tower entirely in chocolate!!!

 The Arc de Triomphe. Note the detail!

 And of course, the cathedral, Notre Dame, again, entirely made of chocolate. Spectacular!!! The amount of detail is incredible!!! Above is the front and below is the side view.

Note: We are late in posting and replying to your comments because I took some time off from my vinyl family to enjoy my (human) friends, food and the sights of Paris. There are 2 other exhibitions which include that of the late, iconic fashion photographer, Irving Penn. I'll post those photos soon along with my own tips for photographing dolls. Nonetheless, I'm back on doll detail and preparing the next few posts. The next will be posted in a few days!
Place Vendome with the Ritz hotel in the background

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