Happy 2018!!!

Every year, my dolls put on an annual Black & White Ball, high atop the living room piano. The dress code is simple: eveningwear or formal gowns in black, white or silver. (This is why they urge me to make everything throughout the year in black!!!)

As we watched everyone arrive, we realized that perhaps this year, we may have slightly over-invited.
 Wow! What a crowd!

Hmmm....some of these haven't been here before. I wonder if some aren't party crashers??!!! (Well, at least they knew to dress for the event! And their invitations do look legit!)
Word sure has gotten out about this annual party! Seems like almost every doll in the house is here!

Oh wait.....I totally forgot about the party upstairs.
Don't let the doll stands fool you. They'll be slipping out of those and kicking up their heels as soon as I'm out of sight!
Sure hope they keep the noise down!!!

In any case, all of my dolls wish all of your dolls.......and this doll mom wishes all of you doll moms and dads......

A Very Healthy, Happy and Fashionably Dressed Doll-filled 2018!


April & company

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