Home for the Holidays!

Me and my dolls wish all of you and your dolls a very warm and wonderful Merry Christmas!!!

This year, I was determined to get every last doll in the house dressed for the holidays. This was no small feat. And since they are all decked out in their finest, they insisted on being photographed throughout the house! (Special thanks to my father who puts up with my dolls invading most of the house during the holidays.)

My bedroom is ground zero for all operations. The dolls all want to be downstairs on the piano, but there simply is not enough room AND.....SOMEBODY'S got to keep me company!!!! (Still on Christmas and New Year's Eve, they sneak downstairs to the livingroom.) I have two doll size Christmas trees, one on each nightstand. Each one is decorated with mini-ornaments, tiny angels. The one nearest the side where I sleep, also are decorated with my late mother's costume jewelry.

On my nightstand:
On the other nightstand:
High above, on my chest of drawers:
They are dressed and waiting for Saturday night's Black & White Ball downstairs on the piano!
Next door in the guest room:
These dolls have their own party on New Years. This year, I had enough clothes for everybody to be better dressed than in previous years.

On the nightstand:
Yes, another tiny tree, covered with tiny toys.

Out in the hallway:
A few of my mom's dolls under a slightly bigger Christmas tree.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the dining room:
They mix in with old family photos on the buffet cabinet.
I took the idea from the Doll Conventions and created my own "centerpiece." Of course, once the food arrives, dollies must get out of the way!!!!!
Everybody to the living room!
These three dolls at the foot of the tree, are part of a large doll collection of my late mother. They stay in the living room year round.

On one of the cocktail tables, I've put the dollar store and "homeless" dollies (who insisted on being part of the action this year.) Inclusion is a good thing!

And of course, there is the piano. My dolls' "stage" where they come to model all throughout the year!

And here we are, back upstairs, in my room, atop my dresser drawers. Nice work, girls!!!
All photos and text: Fashion Doll Stylist 2017. Please do not reproduce without prior permission. Thank you.
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