Fancy Footwear: Stocking Shoes

I wanted to do one last tutorial before the end of the year. While surfing around the internet, I discovered a new trend...."Yeezy Sock Shoes" along with a few DIY ideas on how to get the look without the expense.

Yeezy "Sock Shoes"

Sock Shoes are neither practical (for humans) nor new (I've had a pair in my closet for MANY years). On the other hand they are perfect for the dolls!

Classic Stocking Boots
Some of you may remember that a while back, I did a post on spats for those of us who wanted to make boots to match our doll's outfits without the hassle of actually making boots. Those shoe coverings--which rest over the top of the shoe-- had the structure of rigid boot. On the contrary,  my dolly version of the stocking shoe, covers the entire shoe, is supple and form fitted to the doll's legs. In essence, we will make a pair of stockings that stretch over the shoe but allows the heel to poke through.

For this project you will need your doll, a pair of doll shoes of her choice and a small bit of 2-way stretch jersey or knit. (That means knit fabric that stretches both horizontally and vertically.)  Men's dress socks, tights, jersey, Tshirt fabric is perfect. I begin by making a pattern for my stocking shoes using a bit of Tshirt material. You can make them any length for a wide variety of looks, for both day and eveningwear.

1. Put a pair of shoes on the doll that you want as your base.
2. Decide on the length of the boot you want to create. For this exercise, I want thigh high boots. Stretch a bit of jersey around the doll's leg and around the shoe. Pin along the back of the leg, and then under the foot, being careful to leave the heel exposed.
3. Mark and make your paper pattern.
4. The final pattern should resemble something like this.

Cut out your pattern, then sew down the back seam of the stocking and again, under the foot, ending at the toe. Clip away any excess from the back seam. Turn right side out. Put the doll's shoes back on her and slip each stocking over the leg. Make sure the heel pokes out from the hole. You can adjust how much of the shoe back you want exposed afterwards.

I cut this from a pair of men's socks so as to take advantage of the ribbed knit top edge. Here is what my end result looks from front to back. Because these are stocking shoes (and not simply stockings) I glued a piece of leather on the bottom of the shoe. Keep in mind that there is a seam there which means it will not be at the same level as the sole of the heel. So use a thin leather or felt for your soles.

The stocking shoe adds a dramatic compliment to a long gown as well!

Both the dress and these stocking shoes were made from silver lame socks. Note that the doll is wearing the lavender chunky heeled shoes pictured above.
For a completely younger, more casual look, I used fabric from a striped sock and cut a short "sock boot."
I could have stopped there, but had still another idea when some stretch lace fell out of my drawer. Underneath, Renee is wearing light beige heels to give the illusion of a nude foot. Should you have problems with the heel poking through the lace as you slide it through your stocking...put bit of tape over the both sides of the shoe. When you get the heel through the back hole, you can carefully pull it away.

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