7 Autumn Fashion Trends

Hello kittens! So September is here which means Autumn has finally arrived! (I know, I know, Autumn does not officialy start till September the 22nd, BUT, for us Autumn enthusiasts who follow the meteorological seasons, it's Autumn already!).

Autumn is my favorite season and it really makes me happy, just the simple thought of it^^! Warm coffees, colorfull tress, the leaves falling, cinnamon & pumpkin scented candles, Halloween, dark lips, plaid flannes, socks and jumpers, amazing weather... And most important, Fall Fashion!

Here are some of my favorite trends for this season, so let's get inspired!


Giant scarves are ideal for Autumn, specially the "Blanket" scarves: they are big, cozy, warm and so comfortable! Since they are huge enought to be used as blankets there are many ways you can wear them and style them. Plaid patterns are the winners for this kind of scarves! 

Denim jackets have been around for the longest time, but there are always new inovations: you can wear them oversized and ripped like Rihanna, you can add a few patches to costumise them with your style, or you can full them completely like Chiara.

Metallic shoes are the trend right now, and I specially like them because they can make a "normal" outfit look much more dressed up. A pair of white sneakers with a hint of gold rose catch the eye amoung the crowd. Metallic loafers, oxford shoes, platforms... a wide range of choices. 
Fall is the perfect time to experiment with the most loved complement: shoes^^!

Stylish and classic, never goes out of fashion, the trench always comes back, year after year. It's a MUST for your wardrobe. Thomas Burberry created this iconic piece and nowadays still goes on! 

What excites me the most about Autumn and Winter Fashion, as we already know, are shoes. And most important BOOTS!! Ankle boot, over the knee boots, I love them all! These are some of my favorite Autumn booties from this season links below:

4. Western Boots (Got them! ^^ )


Even though you can wear them all year around, Autumn is when you can let free your wildest side and wear the most extravangant ones.

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