The Red Lips

Classic lips, seductive lips, dangerous lips... we all know those are THE RED LIPS.
We can use the red lipstick daily and make it become our own signature style, or we can reserve it for the very special occasions. It is said that red lipstick is the most worn all around the world, defines the typical Parisienne style of a femme fatale, natural and romantic, and also integrates a sensual and sophisticated touch to any look. Red lips can pull a whole look together and raise it to another level.
However, you have to be careful when you're rocking red lips, because there are loads of red shades, and there is a special red for each special person.
In the following palette we can see that different shades of red will be more suitable to different skin tones and complexions:

As many girls, Taylor Swift has made the red lipstick her signature style. Light shades of red match blondes so well, specially the blue undertone ones. You want to keep it simple to concentrate the attention on the lips.
A great lipstick would be M·A·C's Ruby Woo or Chanel's Rouge Allure Intense lipstick in the shade 98 Coromandel.

When it comes to brunettes, dark shades of reds are the best. They make stand out the lips above all the other make up. Especially warm tones like a deep intense blood red like Kendall's shade lipstick by Estée Lauder. Another great shade from the same brand would be the Pure Color Envy Liquid Lip Potion in the shade Lethal Red.
And the classic bold red lips, matte finish: M·A·C cosmetics' Russian Red.

These shades are personally my favorite, the most beautiful and intense tones. Gorgeous! Warm reds with yellow undertone are the perfect for the caramel complexion. They enhance the smile and leave really sexy finish. In this picture the pretty Rihanna is wearing So Chaud by M·A·C Cosmetics, another matte lipstick.
Another matching shade would be Saffron Silk by Lancôme, one of the reds of their lipstick range of L'Absolu Rouge.

Gingers deserve their own section as well, even tough it depends on their skin tone. Emma Watson is definitely one of my favorite red hairs! She's so beautiful and amazing, and her lips pop out always she wears a sweet red shade like Studded Kiss by M·A·C Cosmetics.
Another lips shade that would look stunning on her would be the Rimmel London Lasting finish by Kate Moss' number 107 lipstick. Which is one of my favorites as well (and I am brunette).

Anyways, you can wear whatever red shade you love, if you like how it looks on you, then you are ready to go!

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