Pink Days

Lately I have been using a lot of pinky shades on my make up, mostly lips, I've been obsessed with mauve-pink lips! 

My favorite lip product right now is the Sephora's Lip Stain in "Pink Suffle". It is such a great product for its quality-price. It lasts all day in my lips, going through drinking and eating. But I have to say that it drys my lips so much. 

Once it looked like I had cement on them (OMG!), that day my lips were really dry... That's why I always use it with one of my favorites lip liners: Essence's lip liners. This one is in the shade "Pretty in Fuchsia"

I have given another chance to the Infallible foundation by Loréal, because now I'm much paler and the shade can much me better. I used it with a primer and it worked pretty well this time.

High Impact mascara by Clinique has always been my favorite, hands down the best one I've ever tried, the one I always go back to. If you haven't used it, try it out, I recommend it so much! Makes your lashes look twice, three times longer and deeper, gives them life.

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