Soft Berry

Hi back again! I've been doing exams trough this whole month, and now I am finally finished!! Weeeee! I've been trying to stay away from my biggest distraction: the network, so I could dedicate my full time to study. It has not been an entire success but... better than nothing ^^

Just to congratulate myself, I went out and made little great purchases.
First place, with no doubt, Sephora. (OMG love it!!) I got my first lips stain in 006 Pink Suffle. I have to say that this liquid lipstick is amazing, dries so quick and beautiful and the color suits me so much.

I also got another Essence lip liner in Soft Berry, 08. These are my favourite lip liners, but especially this one it's not as good as the other ones... a bit disappointing.

After that, I got the new Maybelline foundation: Dream Velvet matte foundation. It does a good job actually, I thought it would feel sticky on my face, since I have dry skin, but it dose not!

And one of my favourite purchases is from Stradivarius and it's this gorgeous hat. Got it on sales for just 6€! My new love:

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